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Adaptive Analysis Founder and CEO John Lee Quigley

“Countless enterprises struggle to find content writers who can both understand a technical field and produce content related to that field in a mass-appealable way. Our team excels at the intersection of these two areas, producing authoritative content for enterprises with industry-leading turnaround times.”

John Lee Quigley, Adaptive Analysis Founder and CEO

We specialize in the following services


Informative and SEO-tailored blog posts that will differentiate your brand.

Public Relations

Regular professional updates tailored to your audience.


Build a mailing list and a high-ROI channel through engaging newsletters.

Web Copy

Optimize your website for conversion with compelling web copy.

Social Media

Promote your content and build an audience with effecitive social media management.


Publish research and white papers to establish your brand as an industry leader.

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4,000 to 5,000 words per month
Blog posts, public relations
Marketing templates
Dedicated account manager
Up to 2 areas of interest
Up to 2 areas of interest



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8,000 to 10,000 words per month
Blog posts, public relations
Marketing templates
Dedicated account manager
Up to 2 areas of interest



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Unlimited content requests
Blog posts, public relations
Research reports
Social media management
Dedicated team



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Testimonials from happy clients

Blockworks editor John Gilbert

“John is instrumental in providing quality content for Blockworks. He is resourceful and thorough in his research and always asks the right questions. I appreciate his professionalism and timeliness, as he has never missed a deadline. His writing and editing style makes my job easy, and he is a pleasure to work with.”

John Gilbert, Editor at Blockworks

Black Dot Agency's founder Vivek Shankar

“John is a thorough professional. I worked with him for close to year and watched him handle multiple client requests and collateral styles with ease. John has very good knowledge of the blockchain, cryptocurrency markets, Web3, and DeFi. I highly recommend him and his agency for any work in these areas!”

Vivek Shankar, Founder at Black Dot Agency

Asic Jungle's head of marketing Mohamad Abdulrazak

"John and his team have proven to be a reliable source for Bitcoin mining and crypto-related content, consistently providing readers with high-quality pieces that are extremely informative and always up-to-date. They truly understand what they’re talking about – from the technical aspects to market trends. "

Mohamad Abdulrazak, Head of Marketing at Asic Jungle

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